Why Global Membership?

Old Glory DC has continued to prove that fans are falling in love with rugby because of the duality it offers. For some, the intensity, physicality, and speed of the game get them hooked. For others, it’s the communal celebration after every match where players and fans from both teams come together to mingle over food or drinks. And for others, it’s the ability to be coached by a professional rugby player in the afternoon and then later that same day cheer on their mentor taking the pitch themselves.

But not everyone who wants to be part of the OG Family is able to join us in person.  No matter where you are, or how you root for Old Glory you too can join us in supporting the team!


Two Great Ways To Join!

Monthly Membership Subscription

For $20 a month you will be an official Old Glory Global Member with all the benefits we have listed here.  Sign up here, and your membership fees will be automatically deducted once a month.


Annual Membership Subscription

Or for $200 you will be an official Old Glory Global Member with all the benefits we have listed here.  Sign up here, and your one time membership fee will sign you up for the entire year.


What makes rugby different?


Rugby Values

Rugby provides a unifying spirit that leads to life-long friendships, camaraderie, teamwork, and loyalty, which transcends cultural, geographic, political, and religious differences. Our values set rugby apart from any sport out there and are central to the fabric of the game. 

There's no talking back to the referees. We go to war with our opponents and then help each other up and share a meal. Fighting is frowned upon, and standing up for your teammates is encouraged. Our fans and supporters are the foundation of every win, always. 


Hard-Hitting and Fast-Paced

Rugby is fast, hard-hitting, and thrilling, a distinctly American interpretation of the international game that hooked. Rugby embodies elements of the country's most popular sports. The physicality of rugby reminds us of football, except in rugby, you don't play with pads or helmets. The flowing grace reminds fans of soccer. The constant ball exchange is similar to basketball, while the intensity is like hockey.

Rugby brings together many of the great characteristics of major sports that are already here, but with the unique rugby elements that set our league apart. If you like sports, you're going to LOVE rugby.


Player Access

Meet our players up close and personal. Old Glory players want to interact with our fans as much as possible!

At Old Glory DC, we welcome you into our home at Segra Field and work with you to fully customize your event to your group and make sure our players conduct a rugby 101 and share their stories before you watch us take on our opponents on the pitch!

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We have a term for our supporters at Old Glory DC - the 16th OG. A rugby team fields 15 players at a time during a match. Old Glory fields an extra player - the 16th OG.

They are the power behind every scrum, the force behind every tackle, the fortitude across the defensive line, and the unbreakable spirit in the 79th minute. You won’t see an extra Old Glory jersey on the pitch, but you’ll hear the beat of an extra heart. The 16th OG is the core of Old Glory DC.